100 Greatest One-Liners: After The Kill

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  • The Amazing Joke Book: The Ultimate Collection of Hilarious One-Liners, Puns and Gags

    • ASIN: 1788886399
    • ISBN: 1788886399
    • Manufacturer: Arcturus Publishing Ltd

  • Joker Face: Over 450 Comedians Share Their Best One-liners

    • ASIN: 1783523387
    • ISBN: 1783523387
    • Manufacturer: Unbound

  • NEW...DIRTY, FUNNY, SEXY, WITTY ONE LINER JOKES: The best hot one liners to practice oral sex at home or at the office.

    • ASIN: 1077678320
    • ISBN: 1077678320
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

  • Witty One Liners: 2020 Square Wall Calendar

    • ASIN: 1789781698
    • ISBN: 1789781698
    • Manufacturer: The Gifted Stationery Co

  • The Golfer's Book of Wit & Wisdom: The Complete Collection of Golf Jokes, One-Liners & Witty Sayings

    • ASIN: 1578268400
    • ISBN: 1578268400
    • Manufacturer: Hatherleigh Press

  • Pearls of Wisdom - 4000 Sparkling Remarks, Pithy One-Liners, Caustic Comments

    • ASIN: B00ENK2V0K
    • Manufacturer: Clarion

  • The Book of Witty One-liners (Volume, Band 1)

    • ASIN: 1076664520
    • ISBN: 1076664520
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

  • Command Line Kung Fu: Bash Scripting Tricks, Linux Shell Programming Tips, and Bash One-liners

    • ASIN: 1499222033
    • ISBN: 1499222033
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Command Line Kung Fu Become a Linux Ninja with Command Line Kung Fu!Do you think you have to lock yourself in a basement reading cryptic man pages for months on end in order to have ninja like command line skills?In reality, if you had someone share their most powerful command line tips, tricks, and patterns you'd save yourself a lot of time and frustration. What if you could look over the shoulder of a good friend that just happened to be a command line guru? What if they not only showed you the commands they were using, but why they were using them and exactly how they worked? And what if that friend took the time to write all of it down so you can refer to it whenever you ...

  • Perl One-Liners: 130 Programs That Get Things Done

    • ASIN: 159327520X
    • ISBN: 159327520X
    • Manufacturer: No Starch Press

  • Man Walks Into A Bar: The Ultimate Collection of Jokes and One-Liners

    • ASIN: 0091897653
    • ISBN: 9780091897659
    • Manufacturer: Ebury Press

    Man Walks Into A Bar is a one-stop shop for anyone who likes to hear and tell jokes. The jokes are ordered thematically - wives, husbands, doctors, lawyers, the French, the Germans, jokes about nuns, jokes about monkeys, the lot. There are also regular panels which group jokes by type too - Essex girls, changing a lightbulb etc. Our material will turn you into the toast of your local pub or make you loathed in your own home - remember, it is all in the telling. From the sublimely erudite to stuff Frank Carson would turn down (the book has a 'world's worst jokes' section), this book can service you with every joke you'll ever need. What do you call an eskimo chav? Innuinnit What did the zen student say at the hamburger stand? Make me one with everything What's Irish and lives in the garden? Paddy O'Furniture

100 Greatest One-Liners: Before The Kill

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