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  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser unisex, 30 ml, 1er Pack (1 x 30 ml)

    • UPC: 794866387848
    • ASIN: B008MZBHW0
    • Brand: The Body Shop
    • Manufacturer: The Body Shop

    Teebaum Pore Minimizer macht Poren kleiner aussehen. Mit dem Gemeinschafts Fair Trade Bio-Tee-Baum-Öl infundiert, glättet sie, Primzahlen und mattiert und lässt die Haut frisch und rein.

  • The Body Shop Hanf High Moisture Expert Set

    • Brand: The Body Shop
    • Manufacturer: Body Shop

    Die Produkte sind dermatologisch auf sehr trockene Haut getestet und enthalten Hanföl. Strapazierfähige Hydration, entlastet und schützt. Enthält: 100 ml hart arbeitender Handprotektor 200 ml Heavy Duty Body Moisturizer 4.2 g Hvy Duty Lip Care Stick

  • Self-Care Down There: From Menstrual Cups and Moisturizers to Body Positivity and Brazilian Wax, a Guide to Your Vagina's Well-Being (English Edition)

    • ASIN: B07TGF9DRS
    • Manufacturer: Adams Media

    Take control of your vaginal health and bring your own standards of beauty to your intimate parts with this book offering frank, practical, and accurate beauty and wellness advice for the vagina and surrounding area. Ladies, get the lowdown on how to take care of your nether regions with this fun and frank guide focused on helping you maintain your private parts. Covering everything from everyday cleanliness to internal and external safe health advice as well as tips regarding the groom-or-not-to-groom debate and sex-friendly good habits to practice, Self-Care Down There will help you keep your lady parts in tip-top shape while expressing the true you! Founder and CEO of IM With Periods and menstrual cycle charting coach Taqdir Kaur Bhandal has dedicated her career to offering wellness advice to women. Whether it’s period charts or sustainable period products, Self-Care Down There is an essential and practical guide to feminine care and every woman’s wellbeing.

  • Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin (English Edition)

    • ASIN: B00KPV9PJ6
    • Manufacturer: Harper Wave

    Breakouts. Dryness. Redness. Oiliness. If you're like most women, you've been on a never-ending quest for perfect skin—or even just good skin—since adolescence. It's a frustrating pursuit to say the least, filled with one disappointing (and expensive) miracle solution after another. Why is it so hard to get good skin?Adina Grigore, founder of the organic skincare line S.W. Basics, would argue that getting clear, calm, happy skin is about much more than products and peels. Or, rather, it's about much less. In Skin Cleanse, she guides readers through a holistic program designed to heal skin from the inside out. We tend to think of our skin as a separate entity from the rest our bodies when in fact it is our largest organ. The state of our skin is a direct reflection of what our bodies look like on the inside. So Adina's program begins as any healthy regime should: with the basics for full-body health. That means eating plenty of fresh, whole foods; drinking more water; getting blood... [Weiterlesen]

  • Body Moisturizers :The Ultimate Guide - Over 30 Homemade & Refreshing Recipes (English Edition)

    • ASIN: B00EUSGRV4
    • Manufacturer: Encore Publishing

    * The Ultimate Homemade Body Moisturizer Guide * Daily showers dry the skin, which causes oil to be produced. This oil can cause serious skin issues like acne or large pores. Treating skin by applying moisturizer right after bathing, while the skin is damp, seals the moisture in and prevents oil production. Commercial moisturizers are full of chemicals, while the ingredients incorporated in home made moisturizers are natural. We have collected the most hydrating and exfoliating body moisturizer recipes from around the world. Enjoy!Take a peak at a few of the recipes insideBody Moisturizer with HoneyBody Moisturizer with Citrus FruitsBody Moisturizer with Brown SugarBody Moisturizer with LavenderBody Moisturizer with Essential Oils Introduce refreshing Body Moisturizers into your lifestyle today! Scroll Up & Grab Your Copy NOW!

  • Body Moisturizer: Guide for Beginners - Natural Body Butter Recipes for Rejuvenating & Hydrating your Skin (English Edition)

    • ASIN: B00LTA7OCW
    • Manufacturer: Natural home remedies, skin care, skin care secrets, skin treatments, natural beauty recipes, anti aging, clear skin

    Homemade Body Butters: Get healthy, glowing skin naturally! You’re about to discover how to...Prepare your own body butters instead of going out and purchasing some from popular brands that could cost you a significant amount of money. Why do that when you can make some right at home, using ingredients that you can find in your pantry? The best bit is that you know exactly what you're getting-- and you can make sure that every ingredient is safe and gentle on your skin. This guide provides a great introductory overview of all the benefits of natural body butters and essential oils. As one of the first and noticeable signs of aging it is never too early to start looking after your skin. The book provides a comprehensive but not overwhelming list of basic ingredients that can be used to make your own collection of beautiful body butters. Spare yourself the price but not the quality of the well known body butters on the market whilst enabling yourself to know exactly what you’re putt... [Weiterlesen]

  • Organic All-Natural Skin Products to Make at Home for Healthy Glowing Skin: Easy Homemade Vegan Cream, Lotion, Moisturizer, Body Butter, Makeup, Toner, Scrub, and Mask Recipes (English Edition)

    • ASIN: B079ZCFBJ3
    • Manufacturer: Maplewood Publishing

    Make your skin glow with homemade, 100% vegan, organic skincare products! It’s easy, fun to make, and will give your wallet a break!Do you want glowing, healthy skin?Who doesn't? One’s skin should be treated well as it is our contact with the outside world, both in terms of health and socializing. Plant-based skincare products are known for being able to let you have success in both, making you feel much better about yourself. And this book will show you how you can get there by yourself with much lower costs!In case of aging or mature skin, you probably already know that a vegan diet is high in antioxidants and fatty acids that help prevent the early signs of aging all over your body, especially your face. If plants have so many great compounds, shouldn’t you be able to use them in skincare? The answer is yes! To have healthy, glowing, acne-free skin, you need to work with your skin, not torture it with harsh chemicals. Fresh, all-natural skincare products, made for you and by ... [Weiterlesen]

  • How to Look Younger and Get a Younger Skin Naturally: Feeling Beautiful in Your Own Skin (English Edition)

    • ASIN: B00TBO0FL0
    • Manufacturer: P. Karn

    Forget about the surgical face lifts, chemical based peels and Botox among other expensive skin hopes in a jar. Now, attain glowing fresh skin by following simple skin care directives I have found very helpful. Are you sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, literally? I have finally found the ultimate natural remedy to all your natural skin woes. This e-book seeks to teach you natural ways to care for your skin. The steps in this e-book can be easily achieved at home without the need of expert services.We now embark on a journey to flawless natural skin. Say goodbye to cosmetic surgery and hallo to naturally younger skin. This e-book is all about making you feel comfortable in your own skin. It is about helping you learn to love your own skin and it is about giving you a reason to love your skin. This e-book comprises of natural skin care ideas you can incorporate to your everyday life. It will surprise you how easy it is to actually acquire and sustain a naturally ... [Weiterlesen]

  • Natural Skin Care at Home: How to Make Organic Moisturizers, Masks, Balms, Buffs, Scrubs, and Much More (English Edition)

    • ASIN: B07PP42WJC
    • Manufacturer: Skyhorse

    More than 40 recipes to pamper yourself from head to toe! Through years of herbal studies and running her natural skin care line, Moon Magic, author Liz McQuerry has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and recipes that she’s sharing for the first time in Natural Skin Care at Home. McQuerry’s products are organic, and nearly all of them are vegan (beeswax is used in some). Main ingredients are easy to come by and include shea butter, cocoa butter, oils (olive, sunflower, castor, jojoba, avocado), plants and flowers, herbs and resins, crystals and minerals, clays, salts, sugars, soaps, and more. If you want to get your hands on great recipes, learn about your specific skin care needs, create thoughtful, handmade gifts, or start selling your own line of skin care products, this book is for you. Recipes will allow you to pamper yourself from head to toe.  Hair—strengthening oils and dander scrubsBeard—hydrating toners, moustache pomades, shaving creamsEyes—regenerative oils, soot... [Weiterlesen]

  • Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: A Beginner's Guide to Making and Using Essential Oils at Home for Skincare and Beauty Products (English Edition)

    • ASIN: B013VSJW9W

    Want to revamp your beauty routine with all-natural beauty products you can make at home and gain a better knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy?Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Then this is the book for you! It will go through all the benefits and applications of essential oils in your daily routine. Essential oils are the most cost efficient and natural way to apply to your skin or for certain ailments. They can be used on multiple skin types to cure anything from lack of hydration to dealing with pesky facial acne or smoothing out wrinkles. Inside find: •What are essential oils and aromatherapy•A comprehensive list and properties of each essential oil mentioned•The benefits of essential oils for skincare•How to extract essential oils on your own•A list of which essential oils suit which skin type best •Body butters and other useful products for moisturizer•Body scrub recipes•Moisturizers recipes•Recipes for sunscreens, face masks, lip balms, hair care, ... [Weiterlesen]

THE BEST of THE BODY SHOP - top 10 products

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